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Leaving the US…and My Digital SLR – a quick post with no pictures

So far, it seems everyone in Amsterdam is beautiful. And rides bikes.

I’ve wandered the canals, stumbled on the I Amsterdam sign, ran in the park, and visited the Van Gogh Museum. And I’ve taken a few pictures…with my phone. I left my incredibly expensive, amazing camera behind. In storage.

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First Post – Pen to Paper (or whatever the electronic version of that is)

What do you write for your first blog post ever?

Well, if you’re me, the answer is “nothing for quite some time”. Apparently, I needed to sit on it for a bit, waiting for inspiration. Or perhaps I was just waiting for another excuse to not write anything at all? I have plenty of them: excuses. Work. Dishes. Exhaustion. TV. The cat. Sleep. There’s always something. Then I read an article that said to just write. Then I read War of Art, and it said to battle Resistance that’s fighting to keep you from your calling, and I thought that sounded like a noble endeavor. So, here I am writing the first post in a blog that I never plan to promote in any way whatsoever. I want to see whether anyone will find it. Whether it will grow organically (I’m always into things happening organically). Or perhaps it’s simply Resistance rearing its ugly head again, telling me to keep it under wraps. Keep it a secret like a bad habit. [Edit: This was the first post of my first attempt at this blog. Obviously, I’ve decided to promote a bit.]

Could go either way.

But at least I’m writing. So, that’s something.

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