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Surfs contemplate the waves at Supertubos. Peniche, Portugal.

Peniche, Portugal | Third Stop

After Lisbon, I stayed in Portugal for almost six more weeks – mostly in Peniche, a small city about 100 km north of Lisbon that’s known for its surf. The surf was the why I came to Peniche – well, more specifically, the surfers. The breaks in and around Peniche, specifically at Supertubos, draw both amateur and professional surfers to its shores. I planned to photograph the amateurs until the professionals arrived for the 2016 MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal, but as I explained in an earlier post, minutes before leaving the States, I decided not to bring my camera. So, what in the world was I going to do for five weeks in a place I booked to shoot surfers…when I can’t shoot surfers?

A lot, it turns out.

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Saying Goodbye

So. You have this great idea to travel the world and make friends all over the world, and you do it. You leave everything and make the jump, and a few stops in you make a good friend. You have that connection. And you’re lucky because it keeps happening. You meet new people, you connect, you laugh, you share, you cook together, you eat together, you brush your teeth together, you’re in each other’s pictures, and eventually you say goodbye.

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Lisbon, Portugal tiles

Lisboa, Portugal | Second Stop

I expected Lisbon to be beautiful, and not only was I was greeted with beauty, but also with kindness, and an openness and warmth I hadn’t felt in other cities. I spoke none of the language but found the sound of it soft and welcoming as I wandered the winding streets. I want to go back.

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The Famous sign at Museumplein

Amsterdam, Netherlands | First Stop

I landed in Amsterdam last Wednesday around 10am. I was exhausted but grateful to get off the plane. Schiphol Airport was buzzing, and in the middle of a confused crowd heading (hopefully) towards customs, I met Amy, an artist from Portland. Her first words to me succinctly summarized the situation: “I am so confused.”

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surfer shredding california san diego trestles san clemente san onofre

The Best Surfer is the One Having the Most Fun – A Photo Essay

It’s 7:30am some May morning, and I’m knee deep in frigid, Pacific surf. Well, they’re in the surf, and they’ve probably been there hours already – the guys with the wetsuits and boards. I’m wearing shorts and a Vans hoodie, yelling at my camera to focus as the guy I’m tracking catches a right. After he makes the wave and dives off, I release the breath I’m holding and pause to look around. The sky is the same dull grey as the ocean that meets it. The May greys have a solid hold on the coast of San Diego. It’s between sets, and the almost still water is peppered with surfers who waxed their boards before the sun broke the horizon.

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