Month: January 2016

San Cristóbal lizard surveying his kingdom. Galápagos.

Galápagos Islands: San Cristóbal & Saying Goodbye

I was on my own again in San Cristóbal for an inner-island group tour with an English-speaking guide. Mockingbird Tours translation: a slightly awkward one-on-one tour of snorkeling spots with Danny, a very young guide with a better command of English than I have of Spanish (but, admittedly, the bar is low here).

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Old Corner Store in Bellefonte, Arkansas.

Travel Hacking – $61.60 for 11 Flights, Rental Car & Amtrak

This is the first of what I assume will be many posts drafted in an airport…continued on a plane…and finalized in a hotel. I’m typing out the first few words at Dallas Love Field as I wait for my hopefully-only-slightly-delayed connecting flight to Orlando.

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