Month: June 2015

Neighborhoods: 20 Pictures of Chinatown New York City

Chinatown is one of my favorite neighborhoods in New York City (map from Explore Chinatown, an organization that promotes Chinatown businesses). It’s one of the first New York City neighborhoods I visited, and it holds a special place in my heart.

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Galápagos Islands: Giant Tortoises & Isla Floreana

For the tour of Isla Floreana and our first up-close look at the giant tortoise, Gav and I were to meet at the tour agency at 7:50 am on November 19th. In what was to become a familiar routine, we took a water taxi from the pier to a larger boat and then hung on as we were bounced and jerked about for the two-hour ride to Floreana. This is not a pleasant ride, people. If you’re prone to seasickness, well…don’t sit next to me.

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